director Olga Chajdas
script Emil Płoszajski
genre family road movie 90'
status pre-production

Your crazy grandpa is the best, but your dad hates him. He doesn’t believe you can talk to real dragons, either.  This leaves you no choice: you have to run away, free grandpa from a retirement home and hit the road.  It seems only grandpa’s legendary boat can stop this chaos and save the family. A story that could happen to (almost) any family.

director Olga Chajdas
script Patrycja Mnich, Olka Kułakowska
genre family dramedy 90'
status development

Behind every strong woman there’s a tribe of strong women who have her back.

director Tomasz Śliwiński
script Tomasz Śliwiński
genre family drama with a bit of horror
status development

A horror story on modern masculinity.

director Julia Kuzkai
genre family documentary 75'
status late development

The world of fashion: filled with beautiful people, magnificent clothes, exotic travels and big money.  It’s one thing to watch it in magazines and on social media, it’s quite another to grow up there.

genre comedy series 8 x 44’
production Furia Film
status development

The difference between a sinner and a saint is that the saint usually has an interesting past – the sinner has a future.

Oscar Wilde (but Sister Consolata – one of the main characters) could have said this as well.